Airbnb’s Major New Relaunch Puts Social Discovery Front and Center

Airbnb redesignSeth Porges / Forbes

Airbnb just got itself a bit of a makeover. The crowdsourced room-rental service—which just booked its 10 millionth guest night—unveiled a massive redesign today. The goal: To transform the search-based service into a browsable, seriously social, and downright beautiful (we’re talking National Geographic-grade travel porn here) travel site. Continue reading

Mobile Dependence: A Growing Trend In Business Travel

This nifty infographic sheds light on new business travel trends

Brands Start Automating Social Media Responses On Facebook And Twitter

Automated Social Media responsesJeremiah Owyang /

Bots in Facebook? Robots in Twitter? Pinterest Run by HAL 9000? It’s all very possible.

That’s right, surprisingly. in the next phase of the social web, brands are applying analysis and digital intelligence to better reach us. Here’s how it’s gonna go down… Continue reading

Twitter’s Hashtag Pages Could Be The New AOL Keywords — But Better

Twitter hashtags are the new aol keywords

Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch

Earlier today, Twitter made its most aggressive grab for TV marketing dollars, with the release of a TV ad during the Pocono 400 and the launch of the corresponding hashtag page.

I said at the time that the campaign reminds me somewhat of those AOL keywords that used to get tagged about during commercials and at the end of television episodes. Continue reading

Seattle Startup Dwellable to List Washington Vacation Rentals

Seattle startup washington vacation rentals

It seems the bug has been spreading. More and more travelers are becoming frustrated with Airbnb and VRBO, and are utilizing boutique companies to find available furnished monthly rentals. Reading about Dwellable sparked a few questions for us:

Continue reading