Breakin’ it Down: a “Short-Term” Renter Infographic

Travel InfographicsLawrence Chambers for Metrosetter Wire

Roomorama and have conducted a “Who are you?” survey with their users and published an infographic representing their findings today.  Check it out below.

Kudos to Roomorama and, but we thought there may have been some room for improvement. First, the study profiles the preferences of short-term renters. But what is a short-term renter? From our experience short-term renters are of three very different types.  Length of stay is the determinant here.  Transient guests who would typically stay in hotels are short-term renters “traveling through,” and stay 1-2 days on average.  They are comprised of both business and leisure travelers.  Extended-stay travelers will stay at a residence anywhere from 7-14 days and are typically longer-term vacationers and business travelers on short-term work assignment.  Corporate housing travelers stay an average of 92 days and are comprised of folks relocating or on longer-term work assignment.  These three types of short-term renters are quite a bit different from one another and I would venture to say that they share little in common when it comes to their travel habits.

It seems to me that what we can surmise from the study is Roomorama has found that short-term renters, who consist of people who like to stay at furnished rentals instead of a hotel, like to travel quite a bit.  Unfortunately, there is no compare/contrast data given to other folks who prefer to stay in hotels. It is possible that hotel travelers prefer to travel even more than short-term travelers, but we aren’t given the statistics for comparison.

Finally, it seems a real opportunity lost that Roomorama did not ask it’s peeps the following questions:

A) Would you consider yourself a… a) frequent, b) occasional c) seldom user of furnished rental accommodation.

B) What was the length of stay of your last furnished rental you stayed at?

C) Was your stay related to a) leisure/vacation, b) relocation, c) short-term work assignment, d) other.

D) How much money do you think you saved by staying at a furnished rental residence rather than a hotel? a) 10%, b) 20-30% c) 30-40% d) more than 40%

If we are going to do an anthropological study on the habits of these short-term renters, let’s get a little more of the basics in place and study them properly.  We will do our own study on short-term renters soon.   Send us your questions and if they are reasonable we will include them in the Metrosetter short-term renter study!  Thanks Roomorama for your contributions, and we look forward to building on your initial foray into the subject.  And whoever illustrated your infographics did a super job!


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