Try Out a Bike for Free for Two Weeks in Santa Monica

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[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

Are you one of those people who’ve wondered what commuting on a bike in Los Angeles is really like, but have been too wary to make the purchase? Now you can try it out for free for two weeks, thanks to a bike commuter program by Santa Monica Bike Center. The program lets commuters test-ride a bike for two weeks, for free, to see if they like the experience.

Just remember to stop at those STOP signs!

According to the Los Angeles Times, sales in commuter bikes has increased:

Most of the bike borrowers said they are now contemplating buying their own. Brad Edwards, general manager of Helen’s Cycles, which operates a store in Santa Monica, said he’s seen a surge in the sale of commuter bikes, both because of the center’s program and because of a general movement toward cycling in the city over the last three years….

The city’s goal is for 14% of workers to commute by bike in 2030:

Part of the city plan’s “20-year vision” calls for at least 14% of work commuters to travel by bicycle by about 2030. About 4.4% of the city’s work commuters use bikes now — up about 1% from last year, said Francie Stefan, the city’s strategic and transportation planning manager.

The city’s goal of an increase of 10% in the city’s bicycle commuters in the next twenty years is an ambitious number; but increased pollution and population could make bike-commuting a necessity rather than a choice by 2030.

According to a graphic presentation by Jerod Rivera, Los Angeles’ population grows by 3% every ten years, which means that by the year 2030, Los Angeles County’s population will be around 10.4 million, an increase of 600,000 from the current population of 9.8 million. If the city realizes its “20-year vision,” there will be 1.4 million people commuting on bikes every day.

Los Angeles Infographic from Jerod Rivera on Vimeo.


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