Breezy Point, Minnesota, Addresses “Absentee Ownership” of Vacation Rentals

Short-Term Rentals In Rural Areas Absentee Ownership

Breezy Point, MN

A section of a code on vacation rentals in Breezy Point, a city in Crow Wing County, Minnesota, is being considered by the city’s planning commission that would prohibit properties from being rented by anyone other than the property owner, in an effort to prevent “absentee landlords.”  The issue of absentee ownership has been missing during larger discussions about vacation rentals and seems to be a problem that has been mostly confined to rural regions.

Kate Perkins, “Zoning amendments draw discussion”:

A zoning amendment regarding vacation rentals drew a small crowd to Breezy Point City Hall on Monday night, Nov. 5.

The proposed changes had three separate sections. While two of those were deemed housekeeping items by the council, the third section was not.

The third section, also the issue drawing the most attention, was whether to allow the planning commission to approve a rental agent other than the property owner for a vacation rental.

A memo to the council showed that this sought to solve the problem of “absentee landlords.” The third section also addressed a clarification on which zones allow vacation rentals. Some council members viewed this as a housekeeping item, as well.

The potential changes seemed to raise the larger issue of problems caused to neighbors by vacation rentals in residential areas.

Citizens expressed concern that changes to the code would make vacation rental rules more lenient, or make it easier to create more vacation rentals….

The council chose not to pass the third section of code.

Changes to the other two sections were passed. Those two concerned a clarification of interval ownership and a definition of pervious surfaces.

The first two sections were passed unanimously. The third section was sent back to the planning commission for further review.


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