Heritage Square Museum Exhibit Pays Tribute to the American Drug Store

Los Angeles Museum Things To Do Where To Go Entertainment[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

In Los Angeles on business and have a day off? If you’re looking for a unique glimpse into Americana history, be sure to visit the new pharmacy museum which opened on November 4 at Heritage Square Museum in Montecito Heights called “Colonial Drug – George A. Simmons, Proprietor.” The exhibit is essentially a replica of the store owned by George A. Simmons, who operated Colonial Drug store for sixty years in Highland Park.

Heritage Square’s official description:

Heritage Square’s Colonial Drug Store is coming! Learn about the original building that was located in Highland Park, the family of pharmacists behind the counter, and the unique collection of pharmaceuticals, remedies, cosmetics, sundries and fixtures. This will be the first and one of the best permanent pharmacy museum exhibits in Southern California. Opening in November, 2012! 

Here’s the video introduction, which tells the story of George A. Simmons, “and the extraordinary journey that took him from Russia through China, and finally to Los Angeles where he opened the original Colonial Drug.


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