Justin Bieber Catches the Furnished Rental Bug

justin-bieber-2012_3000x2299_98662[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

It appears that Justin Bieber has caught the furnished rental bug going around as of late.  The image below shows Bieber, Tracks.by founder Mazy Kazerooni and recording artist Brandon “Bei Maejor” Green chillin’ at an “Airbnb mansion.” The image has garnered 1,834 likes and 161 comments in three days — which brings up the question of to what extent can the visibility of short-term rentals in popular culture anull the controversy that currently surrounds them. As awareness and recognition of the short-term rental industry increases, will homeowners associations feel pressured to concede? Celebrity endorsements certainly can’t hurt the short-term rental cause! screen shot 2013-01-28 at 5.00.46 pmBBuVgfRCUAAr5-S Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/spotted-justin-bieber-with-his-homies-in-an-airbnb-mansion-2013-1#ixzz2JaUyVO1r

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