Furnished Luxury Rentals Trend Up

1_b_105_E3_Ocean_03[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

It seems that luxury rentals are on the rise in major cities, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Continue reading

Metrosetter.com Predicts Increased Regulation of the “Short-Term” Rental Industry

Short Term Rentals Conditional Use Permit Taxes

[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

The “offline” world’s assimilation of Internet technology is effecting changes in nearly every industry. Universal accessibility of the Internet and the increasing amount of user-friendly, intuitive Internet technologies that allow individuals to instantly market their products to consumers around the world has created new business opportunities that were previously untenable and/or too cumbersome to undertake. This is especially relevant in the industry of real estate and, specifically, “short-term” rentals. Continue reading

Jelsomino: Miami’s High-Class Karaoke

miami entertainment nightlife[Chadner Navarro / Modern Luxury Magazine]

No one would ever call karaoke a classy affair. In fact, there’s very little glamour involved in an activity rarely performed sober. But if Tatiana Brunetti has her way, kitschy karaoke will soon be a thing of the past. She’s already made it happen in Moscow and Manhattan. And this summer it’s Miami’s turn when Jelsomino opens its doors (and turns up the volume) in South Beach. Continue reading

10 Things to Do in Miami

Miami Entertainment [Carolina Miranda / Time Magazine]

Miami is a place of many guises. There is the hyperreal Miami of Miami Vice, of alligator attacks and Elián González. There are splashy art galleries and celebrity hotels. There are also lots and lots of strip malls. But this collective weirdness happens to sit on one terrific piece of real estate. Miami has turquoise waters and white-sand beaches. It also has gleaming Modernist architecture and impossibly beautiful people. Joan Didion once described the city as having a “kind of perilous attraction.” And it does. You can lose yourself here, among supermodels, nostalgic Cubans and the countless figures who live on the fringes — and remind us that until a few decades ago, this was all still frontier. Continue reading