The Wire Interview: Attache Corporate Housing Founder & Owner, Tim Touchette

265763_218564508176423_2432609_o[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

The Wire Interview is a continuing series of interviews with players in the corporate housing industry.

Hey folks! We have a great interview for you this week, this time with Tim Touchette, founder and owner of Attache Corporate Housing (Attache Property Management LLC). Continue reading


[VIDEO] Airbnb VS. Everyone Who Doesn’t Like Vacation Rentals


[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, appeared on CBSNews earlier this month to address the (il)legality of vacation rentals in New York City. Continue reading

[AUDIO] Interview with Leisa Ross, Corporate Housing Specialist


[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

Here’s an insightful audio interview with Leisa Ross, Corporate Housing specialist and 2011-2012 President of the Southern California Relocation Council, with Continue reading

Does the American Dream Still Include Home Ownership?

Buying a home in the united states [Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

93% of 18-34-year-old renters plan on buying a house some day? 72% of them say owning a home is part of their personal American Dream? So says Trulia’s American Dream Survey. Does this finding oppose Brian Chesky’s prediction that in the future we’d live in a mobile society wherein few people actually own a home? Perhaps. Continue reading

The Wire Interview: Lexington Relocation Services, Jackie Oldiges

Executive Corporate Relocation Furnished Rentals[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

We were lucky enough to speak with Jackie Oldiges, Director of Marketing of Lexington Relocation Services, in this entry of our Wire Interview series. Continue reading