Using Twitter as a Hyperlocal Media Utility

Using Twitter as  a hyperlocal media utilityPatrick Kitano / StreetFight

It seems twitter is more than keeping tabs on updates, but a new way to get what you need in this digital age.

Communities need bulletin boards.

Hyperlocal “shared economy” startups like NextDoor and Taskrabbit have proliferated recently with the mission of bringing online neighbors together to share community commentary and services. The problem is simply overload Continue reading


Brands Start Automating Social Media Responses On Facebook And Twitter

Automated Social Media responsesJeremiah Owyang /

Bots in Facebook? Robots in Twitter? Pinterest Run by HAL 9000? It’s all very possible.

That’s right, surprisingly. in the next phase of the social web, brands are applying analysis and digital intelligence to better reach us. Here’s how it’s gonna go down… Continue reading

Twitter’s Hashtag Pages Could Be The New AOL Keywords — But Better

Twitter hashtags are the new aol keywords

Ryan Lawler / TechCrunch

Earlier today, Twitter made its most aggressive grab for TV marketing dollars, with the release of a TV ad during the Pocono 400 and the launch of the corresponding hashtag page.

I said at the time that the campaign reminds me somewhat of those AOL keywords that used to get tagged about during commercials and at the end of television episodes. Continue reading