Interns Hired to Shut Down Vacation Rentals

go-from-intern-to-full-time-employee-in-8-easy-steps-3e6cd098a0[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

Interns are now scouring Internet self-rental sites for non-taxpaying vacation rental properties!  According to the below article, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, hired two college interns, costing $7,600, over the summer and identified around 1,700 questionable properties. Continue reading


You Gotta Fight For Your Right… to Rent

Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right to Vacation Rentals

[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

One vacation rental owner in Seal Beach, CA, is suing the city after a new ordinance was passed banning all vacation rentals whose owners had not already applied for a permit. Continue reading

Vacation Rentals and the Problem of Online/Offline Reputation

Furnished Rentals Short Term Rentals Shared Sharing Economy


[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

As a result of its association with popular companies such as AirBnB and VRBO, the term “vacation rental” has become a dirty word of sorts in the hotel and travel industry. Cities have taken action with increased fines against tenants (and landlords) who have converted their property for use as a short-term rental without a permit, and by taxing online booking sites — like AirBnB — that connect tourists with private individuals offering available rooms (Sankin 2012).   But in addition to financial deterrents, there exists a social penalty (of reputation) that is paradoxically at odds with and enforcive of the new ideology of “sharing economy” (where “trust is the currency”) that is being propounded by many of vacation rentals’ promoters. Continue reading

HomeAway Integrates VRBO

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Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire

HomeAway have just published a microsite detailing the changes VRBO and HomeAway customers will experience once the VRBO site is fully integrated into HomeAway’s common platform. Changes include new pricing plans for vacation rental owners in the U.S., which means savings for some and rate increases for others. Continue reading

Making Your Furnished Rental Listing Standout: An Experiment

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Oftentimes I get the same question worded in various ways: “What can I do to make my rental stand out from the others in my region?” More often than not, these owners are referring to sites like VRBO or HomeAway or FlipKey where their property is a mere needle in the haystack of other similarly-priced, equally beautiful list of nearby alternatives. Continue reading