[VIDEO] Zillow, Oh King of Rental Hill Doth Make

Sidbury-hill-2-1app0mj[Alvin Brickman for Metrosetter Wire]

Here are some videos of Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff discussing some new happenings from within and without the company.


  • Most notably, he makes the disclosure that his company aims to be the leader in both the home buying and rental markets, asserting that there is currently no clear market leader for the rental industry, a hole that he hopes Zillow will eventually fill.
  • In the next video he discusses the company’s recent acquisitions: Diverse Solutions, for example, has allowed Zillow to add a free website-design product to their subscription ad product for real estate agents.
  • And in the third video Rascoff describes why average revenue per user isn’t the most useful metric for evaluating Zillow’s performance.

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